What We Do?

We offer custom designed and made garments and merchandise at the very lowest prices. The sales and design process is handled from our office in Port Vila, Vanuatu and then the products are then delivered directly from the factory to the client’s address.

We have strong quality control and communication in place with all of our hand picked factories and as an added measure we have a full time industry expert based in Sydney.

We are is essentially an online business but with more interaction as we go through the custom design process.


Australian made?

The truth is the Australian garment manufacturing industry faded out a long time ago. The garments your club wears now are more than likely made in China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam or somewhere similar with low labour costs. Or products are also made in these counties and the only difference is that you are dealing with our company and staff in Port Vila rather than within Australia.

Why are the prices so low?

As Vanuatu is a developing country with a different taxation system we can operate with much lower overheads meaning your club saves money.

Why should I order through Vanuatu Spirit?

You mean besides the major savings you are gaining for your club? The truth is that your dollar means a lot more to us than you might think. Vanuatu does not have a welfare system so unemployment means no way to support ourselves or our family. The average wage is less than $100 / week

The risk of doing business with an overseas company?

We are trying to eliminate any risk for you.

  • When you place an order with an Australian company you typically have to pay up front, same with us.
  • You are responsible for the final sign off for your artwork – same as usual.
  • Every order you make we get one of each garment from the same production batch sent to us as well so we are seeing the same garment that you are. So if there is a problem we have something in our hand.
  • If you have a legitimate complaint with your order we will do our very best to fix the problem by either replacement, refund or offer of contra.

The only way we are successful is by being very good at what we do and making sure all of our clients are not just satisfied but happy advocates for us.

Paying overseas?

Paying overseas is not much different than doing an EFT (electronic funds transfer) within Australia. You can do it from your online banking program as you would normally but you just need a few more details which we provide.

Other payment arrangements can be made with prior discussion.

What if I am unhappy with my order when it arrives?

A fact of life is that no matter how hard we all try a mistake can happen.

We have minimised the chance of an error as much as possible by the detailed process that we follow internally and the systems we have in place with our factories.

But we have an a commitment to ensure our business is successful so we will do everything possible to fix the problem and we promise to listen to any complaints that you have.

Our Australian agent will be available to work with you to ensure a suitable outcome for you.